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I've been doing business with Glockner Finance for 15+ years. They have always gone beyond the call of duty to help me any way they can. If it wasn't for the team at Glockner Finance probably wouldn't be in business. I appreciate all their help in keeping me going over the past 15+ years.

Darren LuskC&C Leasing & Excavating, Inc.

We have dealt with Glockner Finance for nearly 20 years and all I can say is that it has been an Incredible Partnership. Glockner has never lost sight of the fact that we are people, not numbers in an algorithm. Our industry can be volatile with upswings and downswings and Glockner has stood by us through it all. Thank you for always being there.

Sonya Keenan

I have worked with Glockner Finance for 5 years now. They have always been extremely helpful and friendly with everything we have needed. Doing business with Glockner Finance is what has kept us in business.

John ArgabrightCommercial Trucking

Glockner Finance is the easiest and by far the fastest finance company I’ve ever worked with and will continue to work with. Thank you to Linda, Joe, and all the great staff there.

Jason GibsonC.J. Transfer LLC

Our Values

Fast Service

Our In-house professionals can have a thoughtful loan written for you in minutes, a traditional bank can take weeks!

Easy To Work With

No hidden fees or fine print, just people that are here to help you succeed.

One Stop Shop

Offering Financing, Trucking Compliance, and Insurance all in the same location.