Unfortunately, most of the customers that walk through our door seem to have one thing in common… The big name bank they applied for a loan with, just turned them down.

These are hardworking people just like you.

They most likely have solid credit, pay their mortgage on time, and own a vehicle. But when they go to apply for that Heavy Truck & Trailer or Skidder that they need to grow their thriving business, the bank can’t help them. Or, there’s so much red tape and paperwork required to apply that it’s not even worth their time to go through the process.

Have you heard this story before?

It’s obvious that these big name banks offer cookie cutter solutions! Unless it’s something they understand like a car or house,they’re not interested in helping you.

That’s where we come in.

At Glockner Finance we specialize in custom solutions for independent truckers and heavy equipment owners who don’t yet have the big portfolio to secure a traditional bank loan. Our small town team can put together a loan in minutes, a far cry from the week-long wait time you’ll have with the big guys. We’re a one stop shop where you can get the top of the line New & Used Heavy Truck inventory, in house financing, and insurance all in one quick trip.

That’s what makes us the easy people to work with!

It all boils down to our belief that good business is about building real relationships with the people we work with. You’re not just a number here. We have customers that have been working with us for 20+ years whose word means more to us than their credit score! So if you’re ready to work with people that want to see you win, get in contact with us today.

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Glockner Finance

Joe Glockner

VP of Commercial Services

Luke Keller

Glockner Finance Director

Joe Bryson

Commercial Loan Officer

Tracie Basham

Glockner Finance office manager

Laura Stroud

Office Administrator

Glockner Truck and Trailer

Jamie Veach

Truck & Trailer Sales Manager

Ray Fannin

Truck and Trailer Sales

Kevin McKnight

Truck and Trailer Sales

Glockner Insurance

Ralph Cartee

Glockner Insurance Director

Debbie Hamilton

Compliance Agent

Amanda Moore

Personal and Business Insurance Agent

Wendy Underwood

Transportation Department Agent

Dolly Nickle

Personal and Business Insurance Agent